Trial of Champions is back and better than ever!

As the first 3rd Party event to be officially recognized in the Overwatch "Path to Pro" system, EHE's Trial of Champions sets the stage for T3 teams to fight for the final two Overwatch Contenders Trials seeds.

One last opportunity to prove themselves. One final fight for redemption. One last shot for a chance at T2 glory.

New Prizes!

Tales of redemption and glory are not the only prizes for our champions. Those who stand above the rest can win:

  • A $3,000 prize pool for the top 3 teams sponsored by Blizzard.
  • Two final opportunities to be seeded in the upcoming NA Contenders Trials starting in late October.

New Challenges!

  • Any Top 12 team can nominate a player to represent their team in the Gun Game Arena and fight for a chance at glory and a prize!
  • Want to proudly rep your team? Every team can submit a walkout hype/roster video to be entered into our Team Hype Video Challenge! This contest will result in community awards given by Overwatch personalities with the grand prize being voted on by YOU during Grand Finals. Any Top 8 teams that submit a hype video, will also have it played before their Top 8 matches as part of their "walkout".
  • Live Quizzes! Join the live stream and take part in quizzes featuring your favorite Overwatch streamers!
  • Tests of Might! These aren't your grandpa's "I have 4 gold medals on Moira" or "Most damage per/10min". No, these heroic achievements will result in style points and prizes for any player or team that pulls them off in a Top 6 match!
  • More details on all these challenges will be available as we get closer to gameday!


Only the best of the best are able to compete in Trial of Champions and thus only 64 teams will be accepted into the tournament. For a better understanding of the criteria that must be met to qualify for the tournament please consult the rulebook. All teams applying should be primarily based in the North American server region. Teams applying for this tournament must not have players on their rosters who are currently suspended or banned from playing in officially sanctioned “Path to Pro” events such as Open Division or Contenders, or be on an active Contenders or OWL roster. Teams that are in violation will not be admitted to the tournament.

First time here? please read the full rules PDF:

Official Rulebook PDF

Added 2020-10-18

Official Rulebook Addendum (Solo Streaming) PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Trial of Champions will be held over the span of October 12-25.

Registration is open until Friday, October 9th at 11:59:59PM EST. Qualifying teams will be notified by Sunday, October 11th

Trial of Champions is formatted as a single-elimination bracket until only 16 teams remain. Once the top 16 teams have been determined, the tournament format will shift to a double-elimination style bracket. Each game is played as a first to 3, with the exception of the grand finals which is a first to 4.

This is an NA tournament played on NA servers. Teams should primarily reside in the North American server region.

Yes, live bracket standings will be at

Feel free to message any of the tournament staff listed in the Trial of Champions Rulebook for any other questions.