EHE's Community Spotlight

With so much that is happening in the online Esports Community but not enough people know about all the hard work that is happening.

EHE is eager to highlight different community events on our Twitch: ttv/elohellesports and in our Twitter: @elohellesports!

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We're all here to learn and do better and we want to show everyone your hard work so please consider watching along, and supporting these fine events.

Recent Spotlights

Event Game Dates Channel Description
The Great Irish Breakdown Tournament Overwatch January, 30th 2021 @ 9pm UTC Ireland is broken down into 5 regions, Ulster, Connacht, Leinster, Dublin and Munster. Each region assembled a team to go head to head to see who the best is. Tournament is for players diamond and below with one masters player allowed on each team. This is a follow on from the success of our GM version of this tournament run a few months prior.
Will English IVitational Overwatch January, 16th 2021 @ 12am UTC