GitGud continues with GGX !

For many, Overwatch tends to be a toxic grind up the competitive ladder; but here at GitGud, we aim to provide a safe and positive community for everyone to play Overwatch the way the game was meant to be played. Enjoy the competitive edge, and learn effective strategies for taking the point.

Four our 10th full season, our Overwatch tournament comes back in full form, with 4 division for players of all skills! So group up for 4 weeks of intense Swiss bracket to qualify for our playoffs.

Season Schedule

Event Dates
Signups Open Friday 29th April
Signups Close Friday, 6th May
Tournament Start Friday, 13th May
Playoffs 10th June to 26th


Sign ups are open ! To take part, please join our Discord and sign up both on the form bellow and the Battlefy tournament pages:

PLAY: The Swiss phase will have 2 games per weeks, by default on Friday and Sunday. Once the playoff start some of the divisions may have 3 games for one weekend.

WATCH: We will select a few of those matches to be streamed every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on our Twitch channel. Stay tuned on our Twitter to get more details.

Questions ? Head over to our Discord, grab the GitGud role corresponding to your region and head to the #ggow-questions-for-staff channel.

Frequently Asked Questions


Signups closes on Friday 6th

Make sure to send screenshots of both accounts and sign up with the highest placed account.

Group Stage / Playoffs / Matches

The first group stage match will be played on Friday, May 13th


Round 1: Friday May 13th Round 2: Sunday May 15th Round 3: Friday May 20th Round 4: Sunday May 20th Round 5: Friday May 27th Round 6: Sunday May 29th Round 7: Friday June 3rd Round 8: Sunday June 5th

EU Friday 8PM CEST / Sunday 8PM CEST NA Friday 8PM EDT / Sunday 8PM EDT

You can reschedule matches if the other team agrees, please check the rulebook for more information!

This will depend on the number of teams per division and exact dates will be released around a week after the tournament has started. The last day for playoffs will definitely be June 26th.

  1. You can ask the manager of the opposing team to reschedule a match, which then is up to them to accept or decline.
  2. Get a ringer for the matches that a player cannot attend.
  3. Make sure you fill all 9 possible roster slots, so you have three extra players for these scenarios.

In order to release the matches for the Sunday games, we decided that the latest start time for Friday games is 8PM CEST/EDT, so that these will be done around 2 hours after. This will give us time to enter all scores and release the round for Sunday.

You can however reschedule your Friday games anytime until Friday Midnight and Sundays game can be reschedule any time until Monday Midnight.

If you have been selected for stream, you will be given a new start time!

Placements and SR

As per our rulebook, your account needs to be placed in the current season for the role you want to play, so please make sure to place your account before signing up.

You do not need to be placed. You will have to provide a proof that you have not placed that season

We are going with the peak role placed onver the last 3 seasons. To play in a role you need to have it placed in the current season.

The tournament is called GitGud, we won’t prevent you from getting better or stopping you from playing competitive ladder. You may climb up to the division limit of the division above yours. Once you reach it you will not be able to play that role in the tournament.

Make sure to send screenshots of both accounts and sign up with the highest placed account.

Teams Teams

If just one of the players peaked above a division limit for individuals, the team will be placed in the higher division, despite the teams average SR. You can only have a maximum of two players that are allowed to be over the division limit but under the individual player limit. If three players are outside the division range, then the team will also be placed in the next division.

Example: a team with an average of 3.2k SR and a player that peaked 3.9k SR will be placed in the Advanced division.

If all players have peaks in the same SR range for a division, they will be placed there. Example: A 2.8k team with no player peaking over 3250 SR, will be placed in the Rookie division.

No, you need all 6 players in order to sign up to the tournament. Adding a missing player after the signups ended is not allowed.